Suihkuta ongelma pois

11 marraskuu, 2019 1 min. lukuaika

Suihkuta ongelma pois

Today we double the amount of CBD oils for people to 72 different oils and you can choose from hemp seed, olive, MCT oil available in natural, orange, vanilla or strawberry aromas and in 10 ml bottles of 300, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2 000 or 2,500 mg.You can choose a pipette or spray as the cap.

A new way to use the CBD

Each spray has the same strength and price as our CBD oils.This is an easy and flexible way to enjoy CBD on a daily trip or at home.

The benefits of spray bottles include ease of use, convenience, faster reaction times, and absorption through receptors.

Our CBD sprays are very effective and convenient to use to treat any problem such as sunburned skin, insect bites, pregnancy scars, irritation, etc. as the oil covers a much larger area of ​​skin. 

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